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How to come ?
Our adress: 1 rue des vignes, 25580, Guyans-Durnes
By car:

Coming from Besançon: (45min)
Peage of the Besançon Nord A36 motorway - Exit n°4
At the roundabout, take the direction Besançon-Lausanne (N57)
At the second ro
nd-point, take the direction Lausanne/Pontarlier (E23-N57) on9.3km
At the third roundabout, take the direction Lausanne/Pontarlier (E23-N57) on5.9km
At the fourth roundabout, take the exit onto Voie des Mercureaux (N57) on900m
Join E23-N57 via the Lausanne/Pontarlier/Ornans ramp on16.7km
At the fifth roundabout, continue on E23-N57 towards Pontarlier/Lausanne/Etalans/Ornans
Turn right onto Route de Guyans Durnes (D133) onto3.9km

Continue in the village until you reach the church and you will have arrived!!! 

Coming from Pontarlier: (35min)
At the roundabout, follow the direction of Besançon/Valdahon/Ornans/Beaume-les-dames N57 on 25.7km
Take the Fallerans exit on 5.3km
Stay in the left lane to continue on Rue du Petit Paris on600m
Turn left onto Rue Grande Rue /D27 on2.1km
Turn right onto D27E on2km
Turn left onto Rue Saint-Martin/D133 on290m
Continue in the village until you reach the church, and you will have arrived!!!


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